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Touring Karnataka

This is a short summary of the travel stories written in “Touring Karnataka” travel series. It gives a peek into the posts in that series

Route map of " Touring Karnataka"

Day 1 We started our journey from Bangalore and went on to see the famous Hoysala temples, Halebidu and Belur .

After seeing the Hoysala temples , we started our journey through western ghats  and reached Kukke Subramanya  and took break for the day there.

Day 2 We had the darshan of Subramanya in the morning and went on to see Dharmasthala and Sri Rama Kshetra on the way to Mangalore.

We reached Mangalore by evening and went to Panambur Beach to see the lovely sunset there. After that we took break for the night there

Day 3 We went to see the famous temples in Mangalore in the morning and went on to Udupi by afternoon. In Udupi we went to St. Mary’s Island in evening and retired for the day after that.

Day 4 Started with the darshan at Sri Krishna Math. After that we started the journey towards Murudeswar . We had the darshan of Murudeswar there in the evening and took a break for the day.

Day 5 We had the darshan again in the morning and started our journey back home and reached Bangalore by night.

Day 1 is 24/12/2017

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