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One Day Tour To Kolar – Trekking In Antharagange

One day Tour to Kolar – Trekking in Antharagange

Details of Antharagange:

Antharagange is a rocky mountain located near Kolar . It is around 2 hrs drive (70kms) from Bangalore to the starting point of the trek. Antharagange means “Water from the deep” It got its name due to the pond near the “Sri Kashi Vishweshwara temple” which gets continuous flow of water from deep. This place is also famously known as Dakshin Kashi (Kashi of South).

Trekking to Antharagange:

The Antharagange Trekking has 3 parts. First part is from the starting point of  the trek  to “Sri Kashi Vishweshwara temple”. This consists of climbing 350-400 steps and will take around 30mins.

Second part consists a moderately well laid out path of around 3 kms trek to reach the top of the Antharagange which consists some small villages like Therhalli. We can reach here by road and directly go to the fort or Cave exploration as well.

Third part is exploring the Caves of Antharagange. The Caves consist of dark and narrow paths and is a bit difficult to explore on our own. Its advisable to take the help of local villagers (guides) for exploring the Caves .We may either not go deep enough or take more time to come out of the Caves if we go on our own.


We started the journey at 5:30 and reached the starting point of the trek around 7 a.m. After snacks and tea at the stalls there, we started climbing the steps to reach “Sri Kashi Vishweshwara temple” .

Anthara Gange, Kolar
Trek to Sri Vishweshwara Temple, Anthara Gange
Sri Vishweshwara Temple , Anthara Gange

After a small break at the temple , we started the second part of the trek to reach the top of Antharagange. It took around one and half hours to reach the village at the top of the trek.

Trekking, AntharaGange
Trekking, AntharaGange

We hired a guide there for Cave exploration . We spent in exploring the Caves for the next two hours. Caving here is not very easy , also not very tough if you have guide.

We went into two Caves for exploration. The first Cave is small and also consists of natural water spring inside.

Water Spring, Cave Exploration, Anthara Gange

The second one is big and we spent most of our time in exploring this Cave. The path into this Cave is mostly dark and narrow. See the video below to get some Idea about the Cave.




Cave Exploration, Anthara Gange
Cave Exploration, Anthara Gange
Cave Exploration, Anthara Gange

After that, we started walking down and reached the starting point by afternoon.

Anthara Gange
Anthara Gange

After a round of snacks and tea there, we started the journey back to bangalore.



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