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10 Do’s And Don’t While Travelling In Uttarakhand

10 Do’s and Don’t While Travelling in Uttarakhand

10 Do’s and Don’t While Travelling in Uttarakhand

Before going into my travel experiences in Uttarakhand I want to give some general guidelines based on my experiences while travelling in Uttarakhand.

  1. Start the travel from either Dehradun or Haridwar : From both of these places you will get the Uttarakhand transport corporation buses to most of the tourist places and mostly will run on fixed schedules .
  2. Start the journey early in the morning :  Most of the places will have one bus early morning around 5 a.m. (some places as early as 4 a.m) and may or may not have second bus for the same destination. Its better to check the timings of your bus  before day(and book the tickets  as well if the bus is crowed).
  3. Prepare the time schedule based on the conditions there:  We can cover mostly 50-60kms/hr in other places but in Uttarakhand it used to be 25 kms/hr at the max in ideal conditions and will take longer in case of land slides etc. So like in Interstellar , two hour travel in Uttarakhand  is equally to one hour travel in other places.
  4. While travelling in country side of Uttarakhand , travel in groups : The most common travel means there is Utility vehicles like bolero which needs minimum 10 guys to ply . If we have more people in our group we need to wait less time to fill remaining people . Some times we have to wait 4-5 hours for an hour long travel. Like the movie dialogue its better to be fox and not lion there.
  5. Equip with proper winter wear : The temperatures in many places is very low and it will become more challenging when you are travelling in the early mornings.
  6. Be prepared incase you have altitude sickness as you will be travelling on high altitude for longer times .
  7. CharDhams are closed for 6 months . So make sure the Dhams are open if you are planning to travel there.
  8. In the 6 months time of the Chota Char Dham yatra generally first 2-2.5 months (April , May and till mid June ) is the peak season where maximum number of people visit the place so every thing (Rooms,Transport and Food etc ) will be very expensive as the ecosystem has to survive the remaining months on the earning from these months.
  9. For next two months (Mid June till August end) a little bit slack season but need to take care of the weather as this time chances of rains will be more and travel schedules can go for a toss in case of land slides, etc.
  10. Last phase, September till the Dhams are closed is slack season where the expenses will be very less compared to other seasons. Temperatures will be very less and less chance of rains (Still need to keep an eye on weather ). This I think is the Ideal time to visit the Chota Char Dhams.
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