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Hitchhiker’s Guide To Gangotri – 1

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Gangotri – 1

I reached Dehradun by train on Day 1 and from there I started my Hitchhiking in Uttarakhand.  Dehradun is located in the Doon valley, which got its name from Drona valley , named after the royal guru of the Pandavas and Kauravas from the Maha Bharat,Dronacharya. Dehradun is also made up of two words: ‘Dehra’ is derived from the word “dera”, meaning camp or temporary settlement. “Dun” or “Doon” in Garhwali language refers to a valley that lies between the middle Himalayas and the “Shivaliks”.


Day 1 Started with the preparation for the long travel that starts from the next day . As I planned to start my journey with Gangotri ,I booked my bus tickets to Uttarkashi and also a hotel room there ,which is 100 kms distance from Gangotri and 125 kms distance from Yamunotri .After that did some shopping for the journey that needs to be done there. In the noon I visited the Tapkeshwar Temple which is inside the Drona cave . According to Mahabharata, Dronacharya has performed a penance for shiva here, in which lord shiva was impressed and he blessed him with the Pashupatastra. This is also the place where guru Dronacharya has trained Kauravas and Pandavas. Here, water trickles down the ceiling of the cave and drops on the Shivalinga creating a magnificent image.

Tapkeshwar Temple , Dehradun
Vaishno Devi Temple ,Tapkeshwar Temple , Dehradun
Tapkeshwar Temple , Dehradun
Story of Tapkeshwar Temple , Dehradun



After that,I retired for the day as the next day journey needs to be started in the early morning 5:00.

Day 2 Started with early morning bus to Uttarkashi . After a six hours long journey through a scenic route,I reached there by 11:30 and checked into the hotel room there .

OnTheWay to Uttarkashi
OnTheWay to Uttarkashi
OnTheWay to Uttarkashi
OnTheWay to Uttarkashi

I started my journey to Gangotri immediately as I was planning to come back to the room for night stay. Later, I realised that taking room there and keeping luggage is not a wise decision. There were no state transport buses plying at that time to Gangotri ,so, I went to the private transport station . There were around 6 people waiting for another 4 people from 3-4 hours there.I too joined with them and after an hour or so ,around 1:30 we got 8 people and together we decided to share the charge of the remaining 2 people and started the journey towards Gangotri.


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